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Friday, June 29, 2007


My name is Michael Lockridge. I have been an occasional creative writer, but like many others the rest of my life got in the way of ever really getting published. I have a few rejection slips, and some newsletters and such in my collection. Also, a drawer full of short stories.

Until recently I have not had much option for easily sharing my stories. Friends and family can only be put upon so often without damaging precious relationships. Like magic tricks, baby pictures, and body scars, creative writing can only be shared with a limited audience only so many times.

Ah, but now the Internet. I can explore the works of multitudes, and share my own works with the world. I find that exciting, and even a bit intimidating.

My purpose in this blog is to focus on sharing stories I have written. I also hope to produce new tales to share through this medium. In this way, it will provide me a motivation to do more regularly what I have always enjoyed.

This is my first blog, and I am just beginning to learn how to use this tool. As such, I will conclude this introduction.

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