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Friday, August 10, 2007


I find myself longing to travel, but not always having the time or money. Fortunately, I can follow travel blogs and utilize other resources on the Internet, and make preparations for my coming retirement. I have also begun to do what I call vtravel.

Using my atlas, I plot a journey. I have been targeting travels of thirty to sixty miles a day, and focusing largely on secondary roads. As I progress along my chosen road, I look up towns and points of interest as I come across them.

I keep an open document as I do this, and log the journey through hyperlinks and photos I gather off of the Internet. Many of the photos have links to other sites, as well. Each page is a wealth of information.

Thus far I have discovered a trove of interesting places I would have missed moving faster. I have learned about people and places, and established some solid ideas for places to go when I am more free to travel. I have also discovered a new form of writing.

One thing I intend to do based on this experience is to photograph places near where I live, and place them on the Internet so that other people can use them. If more people gave some thought to using their photos as a resource for everyone, we could all benefit. We could all visit places even if we can't always go there.

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