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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My wife, Linda, got the first in the Twilight Saga, by Stephenie Meyer. Titled Twilight, it is actually targeted toward young adults. However, the writing is excellent, and any lover of vampire tales will not be disappointed. It is quite suitable for all audiences.

How do I know that, when my wife is reading it? She finished on Sunday, and handed me the book. We are going soon to Texas to visit the kids and grand kids. My wife wanted to give the book to our daughter when we got there. I had a deadline.

I finished yesterday, which was late Tuesday. A marathon of reading. I don't mind. As I said, it is a good story. The sexual tension peculiar to young adult literature is a twist. So are some of the shifts in the mythology of vampires. The characters are interesting, and the tale holds together quite well.

The young female protagonist reminded me much of a young woman I knew long ago. She also reflected the female lead character in Piers Anthony's Mode Series. All three are young, complex, and endearing.

Will my next short story be a vampire tale? Not a chance. Stephenie Meyer also gave a twist to bear hunting. Yep. Bear hunting.

I hope to write it tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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