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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cruise of a Lifetime-

"Oh, John." said Martha. "Do you think it is really pirates?"

"I don't know, Martha." answered John. They had saved for years for this special cruise. Now here they were, huddled in their suite. Pirates!

"Ladies and gentlemen." called the Captain on the public address. "The approaching ship has fired a round across our bow, and demanded we stand down. We are currently bringing the ship to a stop."

Martha trembled in John's arms.

Minutes passed. They waited in silence.

"The pirates are approaching from the port side." called the Captain through the speaker in their room.

"That's our side, Martha." John said.

She nodded, and held him tighter.

"For those of you who have reserved action suites, I have unlocked your gun lockers on your private patios. Good hunting!"

John and Martha jumped up and ran to their patio. They could see the pirate ship clearly. The deck of the pirate ship crawled with milling bodies. They could see various rifles and several RPG's.

John popped the locker door, and handed Martha a Kevlar helmet and flack vest. As she donned her gear he put his on. He then pulled the two fifty caliber rifles from their racks and began mounting them on the gun mounts on the patio rail.

Martha was quickly bringing out boxes of ammunition.

As they were preparing they heard several opening shots ring out from the decks above.

"Hurry, John." said Martha. She was flushed with excitement. John smiled at his bride of so many years, and handed her a round.

Soon they were locked and loaded. Drawing a bead on the pirates, they let loose the first volley. They loaded again, and John adjusted his scope. Martha felt that hers was close enough, and let loose another round.

A pirate rolled from the ship and fell into the sea.

A single RPG round detonated somewhere below their level. For just a moment their view was obscured. Answering rounds rang out from the three action decks. Pirates were now jumping from their ship, which was on fire.

John began targeting pirates in the water. The rounds hitting the surface gave enough information to allow him to adjust his scope again. Martha gave hers just one click in elevation, and then they both began picking off pirates at will.

All too soon the pirate's ship listed and went under. There was no more motion from the bodies out on the sea. Some guests were still plinking at the dead targets.

"At ten bucks a round, I think I have had enough." said John, as he stowed his gear. He closed the locker when he was done, and turned to look at Martha.

Her face was flushed, and there was a gleam in her eye. She took him by the hand and lead him back into the bedroom of their suite.

Yep, thought John. The best second honeymoon ever.

Martha demonstrated that she very much agreed.

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pboyfloyd said...

You're such a scamp!

First they were terrified, then it is revealed that that is the purpose of their trip.