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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My idea bag-

I only have a few more completed stories in my file. I have a few more in the idea bag, but they are not yet written. My idea for this blog was a good one, but writing a novel has consumed much of my writing energy.

Still, I think that this blog was a good idea. I have learned a bit about blogging, and about the Internet. Though I haven't developed much of a readership, it is a venue for people seeking my work to find some samples. It is also a challenge and an exercise.

So, I think I shall set myself the task of writing something at least twice a month just for this blog. I may take a couple of these stories to another level at some point, as well. I will chronicle that development in this blog.

My future project shall be a web site to begin developing and marketing my writing. I am more and more inclined toward self-publishing my book, The Inn at the Edge of the World, through a print-on-demand site. I will promote the book myself, developing the needed skills as I learn how to do this. In part that will be the purpose of my web site.

I will also seek to promote a custom short story business. These would be very short stories crafted as gifts and tributes to friends and family, produced for a small fee.

Along with that will be copywriting. This is not my first choice, but a few assignments (or taking someone's overflow work) won't be bad.

So, if you are one of the few readers I have, keep checking back. I will try and have something new for you on a regular basis.

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