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Friday, May 2, 2008

Solar mobility-

I just got to thinking on how wonderful a mobile lifestyle might be if the power source could be the sun. Solar power. I don't even know if such could be done. Enough power for each day, gathered from the sun that always shines. If today does not provide the power to move, perhaps tomorrow enough could be gathered.

The technology might already exist, but it would be costly to get it all together. So, I created a character to try the experiment. Wealthy enough, connected enough, and audacious enough to try and create a lifestyle that was practically free in every sense of the word.

Perhaps I will study the aquisition, storage and distribution of energy and see if this experiment is even viable. It sure was easy to do on virtual paper.

1 comment:

Michael said...

The dream of such has been dancing through this ol' fools mind for a few years now...I can "envision" a solar powered, self contained "Wanderwolf" with which to meander across the continent...leaving as miniscual a "footprint" behind as possible.

A great blog you have here, Michael...I am greatly impressed with your imagination and writing style.

Michael and Wanderwolf