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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Flash Fiction

Not too long ago, probably less than ten years, I received a book as a gift. The title was Flash Fiction. This referred to the very short stories it contained. Rather like the Haiku of prose. I loved this work, as much for the challenge it presented as the tales themselves.

Now I am exploring work in this medium. An ideal environment for very short stories. As I edit the treasures exhumed from my file drawers, I find I really like the idea of pruning these works to give them a new form. Many of them were bloated, the results of bad habits and a natural affection for words. I am trimming away everything but the essence of each tale. I have been pleasantly surprised at how good they look when I am done.

Thus far, every one has benefited from the reduction. What must I have been thinking?

I should have one ready for publishing within the next two days. I look forward to presenting my nicely polished story for your consideration.

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