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Saturday, July 7, 2007

I have managed to write two very short stories today. One was completed from a rough draft, though heavily edited. One was produced from notes that were years old. What I called "story seeds." I am coming to terms with my current goal of producing very short stories to fit this blog format. It is challenging, and fun.

My backlog is sufficient to make me confident that I can easily produce a story each week.

The exercise of my writing skills is good for preparing for writing copy as a commercial service. I hope to do this as a source of income following my retirement from law enforcement.

I have been exploring the subject of copywriting on the Internet. I find it fascinating that most of the copywriters I find blogging on the 'net are selling how-to materials targeted at copywriters. That is amusing, and vaguely disturbing.

One short story from my files looks quite good. However, I just cannot see how to prune it to fit my six page target for this blog. With a bit more work, I think it will be a good story. I will just have to find an alternative way to publish that particular story.

As a self-education project I plan to produce a more elaborate website. I might be able to publish, and even market, some short stories there.

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