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Sunday, July 1, 2007


Today I spent some time preparing my old stories for publication. I have been trimming them down a bit. Cleaning them up, making the writing a bit tighter.

I suppose I need to establish some kind of a personal policy for publication. Is a story a week enough to keep readers interested? Hard to tell, right now, since I don't seem to have any readers.

Can I produce a story each week? I have a small backlog available, now. I can assess the matter as time goes on. At the moment I am confident I can do a story each week. I haven't yet reviewed my old story ideas file.

I have a few pieces in various degrees of completion that might go well as serials. At present I have mixed feelings on that. For one thing, the way the entries stack in the archives would present later story elements first. That would make for hard reading. I haven't found any other way to publish the entries. Hmmm.

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