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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Widgets and other things-

I was doing a bit of writing today. I brought to life another story seed. I am building quite a catalog of titles I can publish over the next few weeks. It is good to get some of these ideas in writing.

My current reading is Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury. I read this book every year. Generally I read it around my birthday, which is in April. This year I was reading a biography of Walt Disney when my birthday came around, so I am a bit late. I will say a bit more about this book in a later post.

I am also reading a book from my writer's library. 20 Master Plots (and How to Build Them), by Ronald B. Tobias. I read it years ago, during another high period of writing in my life. It is proving informative. I hope it also proves useful in improving my writing. If I have learned nothing else at my age, I have learned that I still have plenty to learn.

Today I also explored Widgets. Little bits of code people have created to perform tasks on websites. I added one that I hope will help promote this site. I really want to share these stories. I also added a counter to let me know if I am getting visitors. I hope I do.

On the whole, I am learning a bit about the Internet, and websites. There is a wealth of material out there. I am finding other short story writers, and have been enjoying their work. I am also finding a great many people who have recorded their experience on the web, through whom I am learning quite a bit.

It is a most pleasant challenge, and a great deal of fun.

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